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Exclusive Two-Year Warranty

Yep! You read it right! Valley Eyecare & Eyewear Gallery feels so confident in our eyewear that we are willing to back it up with a two-year "bumper to bumper" warranty. Scratched lenses? Mangled frame? We'll replace your glasses at no charge and with no questions... unless it looks like there's a really good story involved!

Happiness Pledge

Have you ever had "shopper's remorse" after picking out your new glasses? Not to worry! Here at Valley Eyecare & Eyewear Gallery, our opticians do a fabulous job of helping you select the perfect eyeglass frame for your prescription, lifestyle and look. However, if you are not completely happy with your new glasses, simply return to our office within 30 days of your eyeglass purchase, and we will exchange them for you at no additional charge.

Contact Lens Success Program

Have you had trouble wearing contact lenses in the past? Have you bought boxes of contact lenses only to find that they really aren't that comfortable or that you really aren't seeing as well as you thought you would and are subsequently stuck with contact lenses you will never use?

This happens, but we at Valley Eyecare & Eyewear Gallery don't think that it should!

When we perform our contact lens medical services we take into consideration several factors. We thoroughly evaluate your refractive error, your tear chemistry, the curvature of your eyes, the condition of your cornea and your visual and lifestyle demands. We consider all of that information and place a contact lens on your eye, making sure of a proper fit and good vision. Then, we review how to take care of the contact lenses. At that point, you can take those lenses and try them for a week or two. After that, if you like the lenses, great! If not, you can try something else until we find a winner.

Here's the best part: Even after the extensive fitting and trial process, if you buy contact lenses from us and are unable to wear them for ANY reason, we'll buy them back from you. Just bring back whatever you haven't used within ninety days and we'll refund your money!

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